Bethel Kids

Growing Kids For Christ

Weekly Meeting Times

Sunday Morning ~ 10am (Sunday School)
Sunday Night ~ 5pm (AWANA)
Wednesday ~ 7pm

Your Kids Will Learn

Our greatest desire is to see children growing in their knowledge, faith, and love of Jesus. We know that following Jesus is a radical call. As our kids grow up they will be challenged on all levels. That is why we take every opportunity to teach kids the truth of God’s word. Because kids learn in many different ways, we teach in many different ways!

Your Kids Will Have Fun

Church should be a fun place! Bethel Kids seeks to create fun environments where your child can make friends and memories!

Your Kids Will Be Safe

We realize that that safety is of upmost importance to you. Bethel Kids is a safe place in every sense of the word. Safe from harm. Safe to learn. Safe for your kids to be who God created them to be!